Derby City Ambassadors

Derby City CrossFit is an amazing community of people accomplishing extraordinary achievements every day. In 2017, we created a Derby City Ambassador program to further amplify the positive culture of DCCF. Selecting from a pool of applicants, we designated six individuals to serve as liaisons on behalf of all athletes. They will embody everything we strive for at Derby City and be available to help welcome new individuals into the gym, organize community events, give feedback on classes, programs, offerings, and apparel and help us make an impact into the lives of everyone who steps into our gym.

If you have a question about anything related to Derby City, feel free to ask a Coach or an Ambassador.

Wil Grant – “Why do you want to be a Derby City Ambassador?”
Finding and joining a new gym can be tough. CrossFit has that extra hurdle of community and team building. I enjoy meeting new people and I’m a huge advocate for DCCF. Seeing a new face unsure of what to do or say is an immediate invitation for me to engage and also point people in the right direction. being an ambassador isn’t just about giving back, but rather shaping a welcoming and enjoyable environment for everyone to call their second home. Let’s make Louisville fit again!

Megan Courtney – “Why do you want to be a Derby City Ambassador?”
I’ve made some of my closest friends at Derby City. When you step into the gym, you forget how different we are when it comes to our careers, families, lifestyles, etc. It’s such a great supportive environment and the friendships we make extend well beyond the gym. This is a truly unique thing that Derby City offers. I’d like to see more social outings and encourage people to make friends with people they may not think they have anything in common with. Plus, I’m always interested in excuses to drink and party! I’d also like to see Derby City make a bigger presence at local competitions. We have a lot of great athletes and competing is such a great bonding experience. It also motivates you to conquer fears and get past hurdles like nothing else! Obviously the gym is a big part of my life and I am interested in seeing it continue to develop.

Justin Schappe – “Why do you want to be a Derby City Ambassador?”
CrossFit and the Community has done so much for me I want the opportunity to allow others to have the same experience at Derby City.

Laura Carter – “Why do you want to be a Derby City Ambassador?”
I love DCCF! I have been to different boxes and there is no place like this gym. I would love to be a part of what makes Derby City so great by helping new members feel welcome. When I first started at Derby City, it was sometimes tough coming into the gym and being the new person among all the other members who had established relationships. I want everyone to feel welcome and feel comfortable so that they can give 110% each time they are here and, ultimately, keep coming back. I want Derby City to be known as THE BEST gym in the region.

Kelsi Sullivan – “Why do you want to be a Derby City Ambassador?”
I love this gym and love the people even more. I would love to help new members feel welcome and part of the family. When I moved here I was so terrified to join derby city and have to start over. I am thankful for the members that went out of their way to make me feel welcome and to invite me to play and workout with them. It’s amazing that simply asking someone to be your partner in a workout can have such a positive influence of them but if other members had not been so friendly and inviting I can say that I absolutely would not still be living in Kentucky. This is going to get sappy but, when I go home to Utah my family and friends are always saying we should move home and don’t we miss being so close to all the people we love. Well, I do miss them but I have been fortunate enough to find another family in Kentucky. This gym is full of the best friends I have ever had in my life. I am blown away with how wonderful and generous everyone has been with Nash. He truly has a hundred Kentucky aunts and uncles. It is amazing that our community is to supportive and strong. When I tell people about being part of a CrossFit gym I try and express that the working out may be what gets us to the gym but it is the people and friendships that make us stay and come back everyday.

Phil Newton – “Why do you want to be a Derby City Ambassador?”
I want to continue to bring my positive attitude and encourage new members to embrace the culture at Derby City. Now that work will be slowing down for me I’ll be at the gym 5 hours a day again, so there’s that too. Hah.