You’re strong. You love the feeling it gives you. You love knowing you can do amazing things with your body.

And you love doing it in a group because they keep you motivated. They give you something to shoot for, someone to try to catch, someone to try to beat, someone to cheer you on when you aren’t having your best day.

The barbell provides all of that and more.

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Enjoying Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is two days away and we want you to enjoy it! Don’t stress yourself out with your food selections. Let yourself enjoy everything the holiday has to offer.

People like us, do stuff like this. 

Find a place full of people who enjoy working hard, who do “things like this”, and immerse yourself in that community. Everyone is coming in with different goals and fitness levels, but at the heart of it, they wouldn’t be here if they didn’t value hard work. It’s inspiring and fun, at the same time. And...

Fix Your Snatch Pull

Getting your hips low and “squatting” the bar off the floor, helps get more force from your legs, and not just your back. Try this tip out when we Snatch in Wednesday’s class!

Keep Louisville Fit

Keep Louisville Fit Maybe 4 years ago, we created that phrase and tossed it on our t-shirts, plastered it on our walls, and repeated it over and over on social media. Believe it or not, a local marketing group contacted us and threatened to sue if we didn’t stop using it, because they said it...

20.5 – Friday Night Lights Recap

The theme for this year’s Open was “Reap the Harvest”. There’s not a lot of glamour that goes into setting of the field or the plowing process, but without these tedious activities, there is no harvest. Like the Open, Harvest season comes regardless of how well you prepared for it. And now we begin the...

Coach Kim Highlight Video

Get to know a little more about Coach Kim in our latest Highlight Video:

20.4 – Friday Night Lights Recap

We’ve made it to the last week, Derby City. One more week of testing ourselves against unknown workouts. One more week of cheering on each other. One more week of ridiculous costumes.

Bar Muscle Up Efficiency

Will BMU’s pop up in tomorrow’s Open workout? We don’t know, but we might jinx it into existence by putting out this video. So, watch it and learn some tips from Coach Lexi for being more efficient with your Bar Muscle Ups: 1. Wrap your thumb around the bar 2. Lead with your knees 3....