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Coach Kim Highlight Video

Get to know a little more about Coach Kim in our latest Highlight Video:

20.4 – Friday Night Lights Recap

We’ve made it to the last week, Derby City. One more week of testing ourselves against unknown workouts. One more week of cheering on each other. One more week of ridiculous costumes.

Bar Muscle Up Efficiency

Will BMU’s pop up in tomorrow’s Open workout? We don’t know, but we might jinx it into existence by putting out this video. So, watch it and learn some tips from Coach Lexi for being more efficient with your Bar Muscle Ups: 1. Wrap your thumb around the bar 2. Lead with your knees 3....

20.3 – Friday Night Lights Recap

We’re 3 weeks down, with 2 weeks to go, in the Derby City CrossFit Open. We’ve become comfortable with not knowing what workouts await us on Fridays. Creative people tend to be more comfortable with ambiguity. By letting things hang in an uncategorized state in their mind, they may slowly come to a richer, more...

20.2 – Friday Night Lights Recap

Fridays in October at Derby City CrossFit are special. The Open is a “ritual sacrifice of human energy” and it binds DCCF-ers together. The discomfort may feel extreme now, but one day, we’ll look back on these workouts and say “Damn, remember that one?! That was a good one!” 

The Truth About Motivation

The hard way to get yourself to workout is to say “I need to workout. I need to workout. I need to workout.” The easier way is to break it down into parts. “Let me bring my gym bag to work,” then: “Let me drive toward the gym after work”, then: “Now that I’m here...

20.1 – Friday Night Lights Recap

The Derby City CrossFit Open is primarily about two things:  1. Challenging Yourself 2. Community Regarding community, the Open and Friday Night Lights are an opportunity to spend time with members you don’t typically see due to your different workout schedules. You get a chance to bond over the shared experience of the workouts and...

Let’s Talk Recovery!

Let’s Talk Recovery! Written by: DCCF-Member, Dr. Daryl Williams PT, DPT, SCS Getting Bigger, Stronger, and Faster doesn’t happen mid-WOD… Let me explain! Athletes and coaches will blame lack of consistent nutrition, bad programming, or lack of mobility as a reason for their injuries or inability to improve their performance. Although these are important, THE...