Friday 7/10/15

OTM for 8min
8 Weighted Barbell Lunges (S: Bulgarian Split Squat)
*If your balance allows, attempt the split squat today by elevating your rear foot on a low box, plate(s), or wallball.

Rest 2min, then:
Max Effort Alternating Weighted Lunges with same weight

Run 800m
50 Thrusters – 45/35
40 Box Step Ups (S: Jumps)
30 T2B
20 Burpees
10 C2B Pullups (S: MU)

Daily Reading
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2. Hey Paleotards – You’re Doing It Wrong (NSFW)
3. 13 Random Thoughts & Rants
4. Why You Need To Get Punched In The Face

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