Tuesday 7/28/15

CrossFit Games Week continues this week as we tackle variations of this year’s events!

12min to practice rope climbs, bar muscle-ups, ring muscle-ups, chest-to-bar, pullup, ring row, etc…
*between attempts, perform 5 HSPU and 5 Seated Box Jumps (30/24) (for those uncomfortable jumping onto a box, do seated high jumps)

“Triangle Couplet”
15, 10, 6
Thrusters – L: 115/75; S:165/115
Burpee Pullups (S: Bar Muscle-Ups)
(cap = 12min)

Daily Reading
1. The Thoracic-Lumbar Hinge Says Alot About Your “Core”
2. Flip Flops
3. How to Prevent Ripped Calluses
4. Stages of CrossFit

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