Wednesday 9/2/15

Labor Day Schedule!
We’re treating Monday like a Saturday, so we’ll have two classes at 9:30a and 10:30a, lead by Coach James. See you there!

OTM for 12min
Odd: 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Below Knee Power Snatch (S: Squat Snatch)
Even: 10sec Handstand Hold or Walk (work on kicking away from wall and freestanding)

4 Rounds
25 Double Unders (S: 75)
25 Cals on Rower
25 Wallball Squat Jumps – 20/14 (bear hug ball, squat below parallel, then jump up to finish rep)
Rest 1min b/t Rounds

*cap = 18min

Daily Reading
1. There Is No Hiding In the World of CrossFit
2. Motor Control and Movement Patterns: A Must-Read for Athletes
3. Weightlifting Errors: What to Fix First
4. Why You Use Jaw for Motor Control
5. 10 Steps For High Performance Hormone Optimization

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