Friday 9/4/15

Labor Day Schedule!
We’re treating Monday like a Saturday, so we’ll have two classes at 9:30a and 10:30a, lead by Coach James. See you there!

OTM for 7min
7 T2B (emphasis is on kipping swing when modifying)

Rest 2min, then:
Max Deadlifts at 80% 1RM
(reset each time and stop when form breaks down)

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and so on…
Power Snatch – 95/65
Box Step Overs (S: Jump Overs)

Daily Reading
1. Lessons learned from History Channel’s Alone
2. Coffee Drinkers Are Harder to Kill
3. What is your favorite post workout meal?
4. What Do The BEST Athletes Eat?
5. Why Your Appendix Is Important

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