Friday 9/18/15

If you missed the explanation behind this new strength cycle, read it here!

3 Back Squat @ 85%
(If you don’t know your 1RM, just find a heavy 3 and make a note of it for next week.)
5 Weighted Pushups

20 Pistol Buy-In (L: Box- or Band-Assisted)
5 Rounds
5 Power Snatch – L: 115/75; S: 155/105
10 Box Step Ups (S: Box Jumps – 30/24)

Daily Reading
1. Failing to Prepare (your food) is Preparing to Fail
2. Better Posture: Why ‘Shoulders Down And Back’ Isn’t The Best
3. Breathing, it’s For Everyone!
4. Fixing women’s fitness: Strength training for a healthier body image

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