Thursday 10/8/15

OTM for 12min
Even: 3 Pause Low Hang Clean @ 70-80% (below-knee). Jerk the last rep of each set. You can base this off the last technically sound rep you hit last week – Drop, reset, and perform a perfect snatch DL between each rep.
Odd: 5 Roll Back to Candlestick (S: Weighted)

In 2:30:
50 Wallballs
AMRAP KB Snatch – 53/35 – in remaining time
(alternating arms, KB from floor)

Rest 90sec, then:

In 2:30:
AMRAP Wallballs in remaining time

Rest 90sec, then:

30 Wallballs
30 KB Snatch

Daily Reading
1. Dispelling the Myths About Poor Posture (And Your Poor Pelvis)
2. Too Much Clutter
3. Grief and Breathing
4. Why We Do Stuff We Know We Shouldn’t, and How It Affects Your Workouts
5. Aspirin: For Pain or For Your Heart?

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