Friday 10/9/15

3 Back Squat @ 92.5%
(If you don’t know your 1RM, just add 5-10lbs from whatever you used last week. You finally made it to the final day of the Volume Cycle. Treat every rep like a 1RM in terms of intensity and you will breeze through it. Next week we will prime the Central Nervous System with some lighter/faster sets to get ready to max again the following week.)
5 Weighted Pushups
(if you can, go heavier than last week)

15 Power Cleans – L: 175/115; S: 225/145
30 Burpees Over Bar
60 Wallballs – 11/10′


4 Rounds
4 Weighted Lunges – use same bar from power cleans
Rest :30sec

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