Monday 10/19/15

Hey DCCF, you made it through our summer strength & conditioning cycle and are about to enter our fall cycle. But first, we have two weeks of testing in store for you… some of these tests will be for lifts which we didn’t even focus on during our last cycle, but we believe you’ll have improved anyway. We put so much work into our squat, deadlift and gymnastics that we expect you’ll see growth across the board… assuming you’ve been coming to the gym regularly, focusing on your technique, working on your mobility, and eating/sleeping well. So, without further adieu, welcome to Testing Week 1.

In 12min:
Find your 1RM Strict Press
*What about squat? Don’t we always squat on Monday?! Throwing a wrench in your plans. We’re testing press today… yes, totally out of the blue. And hint-hint, we’ll test your squat on Friday.

“DCCF Triathlon”
Row 1k (S: 2k)
100 Front-Rack Lunges – 45/35 (alternate legs)
Run 800m (S: 1 mile)

*Cap = 20min. DO NOT DROP YOUR BAR! Please place it down gently. Some may start on lunge, then proceed to run, then finish on row… others start on run, then row, then lunge.

Daily Reading
1. On the Warpath with CrossFit’s Greg Glassman
2. Dissecting the Squat (pdf)
3. Wait A Second…Or Two
4. The 20+ Muscles You’re Forgetting & Why They Continue to Weaken
5. A Teacher Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but McDonald’s, and People are Pissed

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