Thursday 12/3/15

DCCF Christmas Party this Saturday, Dec 5th. 7:00p at Baxter’s 942 Bar & Grill. See you there!

2 Push Press – as heavy as possible. Find a 2RM
1 TGU – heavier than last week. Find a heaviest single TGU on each arm. Try one arm in the first 3min, then the other in the next, and so on…

5 Rounds
10 Pullups (S: 4 Pullups, 3 C2B, 2 Bar MU)
5 Burpee Box Step Overs (S: Jump Overs)
AMRAP Snatches – L: 115/65; S: 165/100
Rest 1min b/t each AMRAP

Daily Reading
1. A Perfect Posture Week
2. Become a Ninja at Double Unders
3. Stop Being Inspired by Magazine Physique Models
4. Stored fat fights against the body’s attempts to lose weight

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