Wednesday 12/23/15

Christmas Hours:
Thursday, 12/24: Last class at 5:30p
Friday, 12/25: All classes cancelled
Saturday, 12/26: Normal schedule

5 Push Jerk @ 60% – Touch and go
Max Pendlay Rows with same weight
*Drop the bar on your last jerk, then perform a max set of “heaving” pendlay rows. After you’re done, clean the bar and put it back the rack for your next set.

9, 7, 5
Burpee Pullups (S: Muscle Up)
Power Snatch – L: 95/65; S: Squat Snatch – 135/95

Daily Reading
1. Let’s End the Mobility Versus Stability Debate
2. Muscle-Up Fault: Losing Wrist Control
3. Practical Example of How Breathing Affects Movement
4. The biggest reason most people fail dieting

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