Thursday 12/31/15

New Year’s Hours:
Thursday, 12/31: Last class at 5:30p
Friday, 1/1: 9:30a & 10:30a only
Saturday, 1/2: Normal schedule

In 14min:
Find your new 5RM back squat
You will get to do this every week for 6 weeks. The goal is to consistently add 5-10lbs. Base your increase on how challenging last week was (easy-10lbs, hard-5lbs).

4 Rounds
7 Front Squat – L: 135/85; S: 185/125
14 C2B (S: 7 Muscle Ups)
Rest 2min b/t Rounds

Daily Reading
1. Go to the gym when you’re sad. Do something.
2. The Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions That Get Broken (and How to Fix Them)
3. Creatine: A Versatile Supplement
4. The Best (and Worst) Positions for Sleeping

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