Monday 1/25/16

Barbell Blitz competitors: this week’s video is for you, especially those of you competing for the first time. Check it out and read some additional on preparation in our latest article: Nutrition & Mentality for Your First CF Competition

5 Back Squat @ 90% of the 5RM you found last week
*Or add 5lbs from whatever you did two weeks ago because afternoon classes were snowed out last Friday. Or, if you’re never here on Friday, then find a new 5RM today.

10 Rounds
10 Wallballs – S: 15 to 12/10′
10 Box Step Overs – S: 15 Box Jump Overs
Rest 30sec

Daily Reading
1. No diet, no detox: how to relearn the art of eating
2. The Way You Stand Is Damaging Your Body
3. Banish Pain Permanently: Where You Think It Is, It Ain’t

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