Wednesday 2/3/16

In 14min:

Find 1RM ‘Clean Complex’ – all unbroken: Power Clean – Push Jerk – Front Squat – Hang Squat Clean – Split Jerk

Teams of 3

Partner 1: 1min on Rower, maintaining L: 300/150; S: 400/200 watts the entire time
Partner 2: 1min max RKBS – 53/35
Partner 3: 1min Rest
*alternate positions each minute, so each partner hits each station 5 times. Score is total RKBS.

Daily Reading
1. Dear Female Athletes, Love Yourselves – by Coach Slater
2. Why snow shoveling is an unusually deadly type of exercise
3. Stop Over Analyzing
4. Pushups Are a Core Exercise
5. Never Back Down – Why You Belong In That Gym

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