Tuesday 3/8/16

Even: 5 Touch & Go Power Snatch
Start in the neighborhood of 70% of your power snatch max and work up if you can.

Odd: 10 Mini-Band Forearm Wall Slide
Watch this video for an explanation. We’ll do these weekly.

Keep tension on the band by pulling it apart with your forearms, keeping your wrists in line with your elbows. Be sure to “reach” to feel your shoulder blades round toward the wall. Also, exhale hard before starting the movement, to pull your ribs down. And be sure not to overextend at the lower back. These are boring, yes… but so incredibly useful for shoulder health!!

30 Power Cleans – L: 135/95; S: 185/125
15 Burpees Over Bar (S: 30)
60 Double Unders (S: 120)

Daily Reading
1. The Science of Sickness Prevention
2. Push-Up Technique: Protection is Essential
3. Badass Bitch: “CrossFit Has Saved My Life”
4. Anatomy Angel: Why Your Feet Are Affecting Your Squat

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