Monday 3/21/16

We’ve reached the end of the Open, which means we’ve also reached “Testing Week 1”! We’ll retest a bunch of strength elements and WODs we touched during the week of February 8th… so, look back at your workout logs to compare your results. Next week, we’ll kick off “Testing Week 2” to get a understanding of where we’re currently at with our deadlift, shoulder to overhead, snatch, power clean, and back squat… which are the lifts we’ll focus on in the upcoming “Post-Open Cycle”. In that cycle, we’ll get back to the fundamentals of CrossFit, with “low” volume” so we can focus on upping our intensity.

In 14min:
Find your 3RM Touch & Go Squat Clean

4 Rounds
10 Deadlift – L: 205/125; S: 315/205
15 Box Step Ups (S: 20 Jumps)
20 Wallballs (S: 30)

compare to 2/8

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