The Weekend WOD

Teams of 3

5 Rounds
Min 1 – Max Row for Cals
Min 2 – Max Clean & Jerks – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
Min 3 – Max Pullups – S: CTB
Rest 1min

*P1 starts on row, while P2 & P3 wait. At end of 1st minute, P1 moves to clean & jerks, while P2 jumps on rower. At end of 2nd minute, P1 moves to pullups, while P2 moves to clean & jerks, and P3 jumps on rower. At end of 3rd minute, P1 rests, while P2 moves to pullups, and P3 moves to clean & jerks, etc….

Continue until each partner has hit all three stations 5 times.

Closed for Easter

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