Monday 4/11/16

4 Deadlifts
Life: Find a heavy 4
Sport: First four sets are warmup sets between 60-75%. Final set is only working set at 80%. Shoot for last week’s weight (which was for 3 reps) or even added a few pounds.
In between sets, perform 1min KB/DB Suitcase Carries in a Figure 8 around/over your barbell (30sec ea hand) – HEAVY! Yes, this is a little weird, but we don’t have room for a full walk thru the gym. These are very useful, though, for building external obliques and grip strength.

18, 15, 12, 9
Back Squat – 135/95 (S: OHS)
Hang Power Clean

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3. Re-Thinking the Deadlift From the Floor
4. Why Some People Can Eat More Carbs Than Others
5. Are Deadlifts For Everyone?

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