Friday 4/15/16

5a, 6a & 8a are the only classes today. All other classes cancelled, as well as those on Saturday & Sunday. Join us as we move all of our equipment from Breckenridge to Mellwood. See you there!

5 Back Squat
Life: Find a heavy 5
Sport: 70-80%. No Oly’s, Belt, or Sleeves. Time to clean up the movement.
In between sets, perform 20 Rear-Foot Elevated Lunges (10 ea leg) – We’d love to see you add a couple KB/DBs to this movement.

5 Rounds
Max Reps of HRPU or Banded Pushups or HSPU (your choice)
Max Reps of Pullups
-rest as needed b/t sets. Cap = 20min

Daily Reading
1. 4 Mindset Lessons From the Legends
2. Motor Control When Squatting
3. I Only Look Like This Because I Have Good Genetics…
4. The Number One Rule to Not Suck at Life, in Only Four Words

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