Wednesday 4/27/16

2 Squat Cleans
Life: Find a heavy 2
Sport: If you’re cleaning up your movement, don’t exceed 70%. If movement looks good, then make your way toward 90%…
In between sets, perform 30 Thick Band Pallof Press (15 ea side)
*The point of the pallof press is to work on resisting rotation, to build core stability.

Run 200m
20 Box Step Overs (S: Jump Overs)
20 Front Squat – 95/65 (S: 2-KB – 53/35s)
20 Pushups

Daily Reading
1. Anatomy Art Series #2: Van Hagens’ Bodyworlds
2. The Pull Up
3. No Matter What
4. Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed

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