Friday 4/29/16

3 Back Squat
Life: Find a heavy 3
Sport: 70-80%. No Oly’s, Belt, or Sleeves. Time to clean up the movement.
In between sets, perform 20 Rear-Foot Elevated Lunges (10 ea leg) – We’d love to see you add a couple KB/DBs to this movement.

Power “Elizabeth”
21, 15, 9
Power Cleans – 135/95
Box Dips (S: Ring Dips)
*Time cap = 15min. We’d like to see everyone attempt “Power Elizabeth” at the prescribed weight today. Challenge yourself and don’t worry about moving slowly. Just concentrate on moving WELL today. Your classmates will be there to cheer you on, no matter whether you get time-capped or not.

Daily Reading
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4. Dry Needling Is The Next Big Thing In Physical Therapy

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