Monday 5/16/16

3 Deadlifts
Life: Find a heavy 3
Sport: First four sets are warmup sets between 60-80%. Final set is only working set at 87.5%.
In between sets, perform 16-20 KB Weighted High Box Step Ups. Try your absolute best to not use your back/trailing leg to initiate the movement. If you need to, move the back/trailing leg around the side of the box to find balance and make the move more like a weighted pistol.

15, 12, 9
Front Squat – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
Hang Power Clean

Daily Reading
1. Practitioner Tip: Carpal tunnel release
2. How To Be A Grown Ass Woman
3. Chasing Performance…at the Expense of Health
4. Hafþór Björnsson, The Mountain, Consumes So Much Goddamn Food

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