Tuesday 5/17/16

3 Push Jerk
Life: Find a heavy 3
Sport: If you’re cleaning up your movement, don’t exceed 70%. If movement looks good, then make your way into the 80s. Compare to week 1 in terms of form, not weight
20-30 KB/DB Bicep Curls. Bicep Curls?!?! Yes, bicep curls. These are great for building endurance in your pullups and kettlebell swings, and they make you look jacked.

Teams of 3

5 Rounds
P1 – 60sec Max Bike – kill the bike!
P2 – 30sec Hollow Hold & 30sec Rest
P3 – Rest
*alternate each minute

Daily Reading
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2. A Different Twist On This Gratitude Thing
3. Combatting Wrist Injuries in Men’s Gymnastics: 5 Tips For Training
4. Wrist Warm Up

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