Wednesday 5/18/16

3 Squat Snatch
Life: Find a heavy 3
Sport: If you’re cleaning up your movement, don’t exceed 70%. If movement looks good, then make your way into the 80s… Compare to week 1 in terms of form, not weight
10-12 Pendlay Rows. This movement is the go-to for building strong lats and a strong upper back. Also, if you want healthy shoulders (who doesn’t?), these are for you.

4 Rounds
10 Back Squats – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
10 Back Rack Lunges
HSPU – pick some number between 2 & 10 and challenge yourself. If you’ve got solid HSPU, then 10 is your number. If you can’t do any, then knock out 2 Wall Walks. If you can’t do any Wall Walks, then work on the Pike HSPU with your feet on a box.

Daily Reading
1. 5 Reasons You Have Bad Knees
2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
3. Goal-Setting: Mind Your Own Business
4. Think You Can Fail Only If You Try? Think Again.

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