Friday 5/20/16

5 Back Squat
Life: Find a heavy 5
Sport: 75-85%. No Oly’s, Belt, or Sleeves. Clean up the movement.
In between sets, perform 1min KB/DB Suitcase Carries in a Figure 8 around/over your barbell (30sec ea hand) – 1/2 Bodyweight ion one hand… We said “”heavy”” last time, but this time we really mean it! We want to see half of your bodyweight in your hand… fellas, grab those 90lb dumbbells and up… ladies, make the 70lb kettlebell your best friend.

Every 2min for 18min
20/16 Cals on Rower or 16/12 on Bike
10 Double Unders (S: 20)
*Fit both moves in the two minutes. Make it hurt

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