Monday 6/6/16

Strength Cycle – Week 1

5 Back Squat @ 70%
*No Oly’s, belts, or sleeves. Clean it up. All sets at 70%.
16-20 Hammer Curls into Arnold Press (8-10 ea arm). Keep those elbows in tight on the curl and control the dumbbell on the descent.

Use this formula to calculate your new 1RM based on last week’s 2RM.
Last week’s weight x 2 x .0333 = X
X + last week’s weight = your new 1RM

8 Front Squats – L: 105/70; S: 145/100
6 Burpees Over Bar
4 CTB (S: BMU)
*Shoot for 6+ rounds. Push the pace the entire time. The rep scheme is small, so you should be able to keep moving.

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