Monday 6/13/16

Strength Cycle – Week 2

4 Back Squat @ 80%
*No Oly’s, belts, or sleeves. Clean it up.
16-20 Hammer Curl into Arnold Press

Every 5min for 20min
6 Deadlifts – L: 245/170; S: 315/225
Run 400m
6 CTB (S: Muscle Ups)
*If attempting Sport, be sure you have a DL PR of at least 405/300. CTB & Muscle Ups should be scaled to be done in 1 set.

Daily Reading
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2. 10 Things Every Lifter Should Be Able to Do
3. ‘Biggest Loser’ drugged us so we’d lose weight
4. Butt Wink in the Squat: Is It Dangerous?

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