Friday 6/24/16

Strength Cycle – Week 3

OTM for 5min
6 Touch & Go Deadlift @ 70%
*work up to your 70%, then make these fast & furious for 5min. Don’t be in a rush to go heavy on these. We’ll slowly add reps to this movement each week.
6min of Half-Kneeling Partner-Aided Pallof Resist – 20sec per side, 10sec rest

Run 800m
Rest 2min
Bike 2400m or Row 1000/800m
Rest 2min
Run 400m
Rest 1min
Bike 1200m or Row 500/400m
Rest 1min
Run 200m
Rest 30sec
Bike 600m or Row 250/200m
Rest 30sec
*repeat the Run 200m, Rest, Bike/Row, Rest for as long as you can until time expires

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