Monday 6/27/16

Strength Cycle – Week 4

4 Back Squat @ 82.5% – no oly’s, belt, or sleeves. Clean it up.
6-20 DB Overhead Tricep Extensions or Diamond Pushups

Row 1000m or Run 800m or Bike 2400m (S: Row 2000m or Run 1mile or Bike 4800m)
10-30 Strict HSPU
Row 500m or Run 400m or Bike 1200m (S: Row 1000m or Run 800m or Bike 2400m)
8-25 Strict HSPU
Row 250m or Run 200m or Bike 600m (S: Row 500m or Run 400m or Bike 1200m)
6-20 Strict HSPU
*Cap = 20min. Push the row/run/bike element, don’t just treat it as recovery from the HSPU. The HSPU should be done in 3 sets or less each round. Scale the reps accordingly. Be smart about choosing the Sport distance.. that cap is only 20min.

Daily Reading
1. Dear Athlete; It’s Me, Scaling
2. Even With Confession of Cheating, World’s Doping Watchdog Did Nothing
3. The Elbow Problem in the Squat
4. 5 Steps to Becoming a Better Athlete

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