Thursday 6/30/16

Strength Cycle – Week 4

4 Touch & Go Push Jerk
*Start at 80% and work up
Bear Crawl w/ 2.5lb or 5lb plate balanced on the small of your back – 4 trips of 4 steps forward & 4 steps back

7 Rounds
5 OHS – L: 115/75; S: 165/115
5 Press (S: 5 Strict HSPU)
5 Burpee Over Bar
*Use the same bar for the Press. If that’s too much, then you can use DBs. OHS should stay unbroken for most of the workout or otherwise this should be scaled back. Shoot for sub-10min

Daily Reading
1. Study tracking runners’ steps found sneakers make certain muscles work harder
2. Becoming a Better Man
3. Overweight People Judge Distances to Be Further Than They Really Are
4. Nutrition: What’s The Scoop With Creatine?

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