Wednesday 7/6/16

Strength Cycle – Week 5

3 Power Clean & 1 Split Jerk
*Start @ 80% of 1RM Power Clean and work up
8 Box Drops into Rebound Jump (as high as you can in mid-air or onto another box)

30 Power Cleans – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
30 Box Dips (S: Ring Dips)
600m Run (S: 800m Run)
10-30 HSPU
*Cap = 18min. Fast singles on the PC. Dips should be decent sets of 5ish at a time. Pick a HSPU # which lets you finish in 3 sets or less.

Daily Reading
1. Nerd Alert –> Anatomy Angel: Lateral Subsystem
2. How to Win at the Mental Game of Weightlifting
3. Why Vitamins and Other ‘Dietary Supplements’ Can Contain Anything
4. Type 1 and Post-Workout Carbs

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