Wednesday 7/13/16

Strength Cycle – Week 6

3 Touch & Go Power Snatch
*Start around 80% and work up
8 Box Drops into Rebound Jump (as high as you can in mid-air or onto another box)

22, 16, 10
Shoulder to Overhead – L: 115/75; S: 165/105
Wallball Situps – L: 20/14; S: 30/20 – touch the ground behind you and touch your feet at the top
Run 200m or Row 250m or Bike 600m
*S2O should be in two sets or less. Workout should be take less than 10:00

Daily Reading
1. The Gaps in Your Training Aren’t in the Gym
2. The Next Big Anti-Aging Drug: Everything You Need To Know About “NAD”
3. The Case for Eating Butter Just Got Stronger
4. Learning How to Snatch (Video)

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