Tuesday 7/26/16

Strength Cycle – Transition Week

In 16min:
1RM Clean Complex – Power Clean, Push Jerk, Front Squat, Hang Squat Clean, Split Jerk

-compare to 2/3/16

10 Thrusters – L: 105/65; S: 155/105
Run 200m
10 Squat Cleans
Run 200m
10 Overhead Squats
Run 200m
10 Squat Cleans
Run 200m
10 Thrusters
*Scale the weight so you can perform all the barbell movements unbroken. Why unbroken? Because we want to see you maintain a certain level of intensity

Daily Reading
1. An Open Letter to Cheaters
2. How Exercise Makes You More Resilient to Mental Fatigue
3. 4 Ways to Improve Your Life

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