Tuesday 8/16/16

Strength Cycle – Week 2

L: 12 AKBS – unbroken, heavier than last week
S: 2 Pause Power Position Snatch @ 80-90%
*Drop and reset
30-60sec Hollow Holds or Hollow Rocks or Weighted Planks

3 Rounds
Pullups – L: 12; S: 20
Row 250m or Run 200m or Bike 600m
5 Power Snatch – L: 115/70; S: 165/110 (Squat Snatches)
*A grip and heavy pull metcon. Scale the pullups and snatches according to your ability. Shoot for sub 12min

Daily Reading
1. The Downside of Smoothies
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3. The Lats are the Glutes of the Upper Body
4. Lock It In… NOW

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