Thursday 8/18/16

Strength Cycle – Week 2

L: 5 Cleans (+ 5/10lbs from last week)
S: 2 Pause Power Position Clean @ 80-90%
*Clean and Jerk on final rep of each set. Drop and reset.
8-10 Weighted Glute Bridge

10 Cals on Bike/Rower or Run 100m
10 Wallballs
10 Pullups (S: CTB)
Shoot for consistent movement and fast transitions. Talk with your coach about scaling the reps to remain unbroken. Shoot for 6+ rounds

Daily Reading
1. Increasing Fitness in the Other 162 Hours
2. The Recovery Series : Defeating the “shoulds”
3. Nutrition Mythbusting: Brown Rice Is Better than White Rice
4. 6 Tips for Approaching the Bar With Confidence

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