Friday 8/19/16

Strength Cycle – Week 2

4 Deadlifts – try to use the same weight as last week, or heavier!
*Controlled on the way down, take the hands off the bar, complete next rep
8-12 Rear-Foot Elevated Lunge – KB farmers carry hold, 2sec tempo down, 1sec hold at bottom, EXPLODE up

Teams of 3

Life: Row 4,800m or Bike 9,600m
*Switch every 200m on Rower or 400m on Bike

Sport: Row 6,000m or Bike 12,000m
*Switch every 250m on Rower or 500m on Bike

*Cap = 24min. Your goal should be to “crash and burn”. Each person will complete 8 rounds.

Daily Reading
1. Pure Fascial Release vs Myofascial Release
2. How to Find Your Optimal Drag Factor Setting
3. Believe it or not: Exercise does more good if you believe it will
4. Too Much Time in Air-Conditioning Is Warping Your Ability to Handle Heat

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