Thursday 9/1/16

Strength Cycle – Week 4
The rest of the WODs this week will be named in honor of Gene Wilder. R.I.P.

L: 3 Cleans (+5/10lbs from last week)
S: 3 Pause Low Hang Clean @ 70-80%
*Clean and Jerk final rep of each set.
8-10 Weighted Glute Bridge

“It’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen’.”
15, 12, 9
Deadlift – L: 155/105; S: 225/155
Burpees Over Bar
*Shoot for sub-10min with unbroken Deadlifts and T2B, then just struggle thru the burpees over bar.

Daily Reading
1. The Body Image Dilemma for Female Weightlifters
2. When Do You Push with the Arms in the Jerk?
3. The Recovery Series : Defeating the “shoulds”
4. Inspired Confidence: How Helle Frederiksen’s Coach Helped Her Become Her Best

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