Tuesday 9/6/16

Strength Cycle – Week 5

5 Back Squat
L: Add 5/10lbs to last week’s heaviest set
S: All sets at 80%
15-20 Kipping Swings

3 Rounds
21 Push Press – L: 75/55; S: 95/65
15 Burpees Over Bar
9 Dragon Flags or T2B
*Shoulder massacre! Try to keep the push presses unbroken, but definitely no more than 2 sets.

Daily Reading
1. How Top Strongwoman Competitors Are Already Outlifting Some Male Athletes
2. Crazy but true! –> Straphangers go berserk after woman tosses bugs in subway car
3. Nutrition mythbusting: Does Paleo and/or boost your metabolism?
4. The U.S. Is Now Eating and Wasting Twice as Much Food as It Did in 1975

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