Friday 10/7/16

No 4:30p or 5:30p class today. Come out and participate in the Internal Endurance Comp at 6:00p instead!

Strength Cycle – Week 2

10min to find heavy single Back Squat close to 90%
OTM for 8min
3 x 2sec Pause Back Squat @ 60%
*SPEED out of the hole.

2/2, 4/4, 6/6, etc…
Sumo DLHP – L: 75/65; S: 95/65
*Just GO! SDLHP should be 1 set early on, but will likely become broken as they go. This will get hard quickly. Biggest concern will be the weight on the SDLHP, so make sure it’s appropriate to allow for good intensity.

Daily Reading
1. Winterize Your Brain with Vitamin D
2. The Elbow Problem (in the Back Squat)
3. Hunger Casts a Cruel, All-consuming Spell, Study Confirms
4. 5 Mistakes You Are Making With Olympic Lifts

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