The Weekend WOD

Teams of 2

15, 12, 9
Burpee Over Bar Deadlifts – L: 225/145; S: 365/235
Partner Wallballs
Synchronized Pullups (S: C2B)
*BOBDL start with partners on opposite sides of the bar. They both perform a burpee then jump over the bar simultaneously, P1 at one collar and P2 at the other. P1 or P2 then steps back over the bar and the pair perform 3 synchronized deadlifts together. 1 Burpee and 3 Deadlifts counts as 1 rep of BOBDL. For Partner Wallballs, 1 rep is counted when both partners perform a wallball back & forth to each other (1-1, 2-2, etc…). For Synchronized Pullups, 1 rep is counted when both partners start from an extended position at the bottom of the pullup bar and pullup to reach their chins over the bar at the same time. An unsynchronized pullup is a no-rep.

For help deciding your combined weight, add P1 & P2’s 40% for a total weight on the bar (i.e. 40% of 315 = 125. 40% of 265 = 105. 125+105=230

9:30a – DC Unloaded
10:30a-12:30p – Open Gym
12:30p – DC Unloaded

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