Tuesday 11/15/16

Strength Cycle – Week 1

5 Push Jerk
L: Find a heavy UB 5
S: All at 60%
*Unbroken. We want to begin working on cycling the barbell during shoulder to overheads. Keep focusing on pushing under the bar as opposed to simply pushing it up.
Double Under Practice

4 Rounds
21 RKBS – S: 53/35; S: 70/53
10 Burpee Box Step Ups (S: 15 BBJ)
Rest 60sec
Shoot for sub-15min. RKBS will be unbroken and BBSU/BBJ need to be methodical without a lot of wasted movement.

Daily Reading
1. How to Balance a Handstand
2. What your MRI can tell you about your pain… and what it can’t tell you
3. Regular intake of sugary beverages, but not diet soda, is associated with prediabetes
4. 10 Natural Ways to Boost the Immune System this Winter

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