Thursday 11/17/16

Strength Cycle – Week 1

1min Max Reps of Power Snatch at 65%
*So, you’re resting 2min each round. Get it? We want you to get used to moving a heavy barbell quickly. If you’re “Life”, this may need to be closer to 80%.
16 Bottoms-Up KB Press – 8l/8r

15 Cal Row or 12 Cal Bike or Run 200m
12 Power Snatch – 75/55
9 Burpees Over Bar
*Power snatches should be done in big chunks or unbroken. Just chip away at the rest. We want to see a few people get close to 10+ rounds

Daily Reading
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3. Rowing: The Pick Drill
4. The Myths of Calories, Part 1

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