Friday 12/2/16

Strength Cycle – Week 3

In 20min:
Find your new 5RM Back Squat
You will get to do this every week during this cycle. The goal is to consistently add 5-10lbs each week. Base your increase on how challenging last week was (easy-10lbs, hard-5lbs).
In between sets, work on HS & HSPU variations

7 Rounds
Sprint 100m or Row 100m or Bike 300m
5 Clean and Jerk – L: 115/75; S: 155/105
Rest 60sec
*Each round should be a sprint. C&J can be TnG or fast singles. Goal is to keep each round under 75sec

Daily Reading
1. Rowing for Calories – How to Do It
2. How to quit weekend overeating
3. Let’s Colonize Titan
4. The missing key to correcting anterior pelvic tilt

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