Friday 12/30/16

New Year’s Hours
Sunday – Closed
Monday – 9:30a & 10:30a class. 1p-3p Open Gym

Strength Cycle – Retest Week

In 20min:
1RM Deadlift
*Feel good? Go for a PR. If not, just hit some heavy singles.

20 Power Snatch – L: 75/55; S: 105/70
40 T2B
20 Front Squats (S: OHS)
*Scale everything so you can complete “sets” of each movement; not just singles. This is a high-skill WOD that will test your ability to maintain that skill under fatigue. Remember your “set pattern” from when we first tested this WOD.

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3. An Invitation to Stillness
4. Why You Should Foam Roll After Training

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