Tuesday 1/3/17

Strength Cycle – Test Week

In 20min:
Find a 5RM Deadlift
*Life: Reset after each rep. Sport: You can do touch & go or reset. No rounded spines!

2 Rounds
Row 50/40 Cals or Bike 40/32 Cals
L: 50; S: 75 Wallballs
L: 10; S: 25 HSPU
*Ease up as you end the row/bike so you can go right into the Wallballs. Try releasing your arms at the top of your throw to let your shoulders relax. You’ll need them for the HSPU.

Daily Reading
1. Cailer Woolam on How He Deadlifts 900 Pounds at 206lbs Bodyweight
2. 3 Lies We Tell Ourselves to Validate Our Excuses
3. The World’s Easiest Assessment and How to Instantly Tell If You Need More Mobility
4. 6 Fitness Resolutions You Forgot to Make
5. Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More.

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