Thursday 1/19/17

Strength Cycle – Week 2

1min Max Rep Hang Snatch @ 60% of 1RM Snatch
Life: HS Around-the-World. L-Shape on box, walking around 360 degrees
Sport: Freestanding HS around box

5 Power Snatch – L: 95/65; S: SS @ 115/75
25 Double Unders
*Scale the snatches so you can hit them quickly and motor thru them. DU’s should be an easy single set or two.

5min Max Bike/Row
-1min in green on HRM (medium pace)
-1min yellow (fast pace)
-30sec red (sprint)
-1min green (medium)
-30sec yellow (fast)
-30sec red (sprint)
-30sec green

-then, 4 Rounds
1min Max DB Clean & Press
1min Max Burpees
30sec Side Plank
30sec Side Plank (other side)
1min Max Wallballs
1min Max Lunges
Rest 1min

-then repeat 5min Bike/Row from above

Daily Reading
1. How to Individualize Your Snatch Grip Width
2. Coca-Cola and ABA sued over misleading science
3. Training the Endurance Athlete
4. 10 Overlooked Reasons Why Every Woman Should Strength Train

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