The Weekend WODs

Saturday Partner WOD
Teams of 2
100 Reps for Time
Life: KB Goblet Hold Lunge – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
Sport: Fireman’s Carry Partner Lunge
*50 reps per partner. 1st time you & your partner break: Row/Bike 20 Cals; 2nd time your team breaks: 20 Pullups: 3rd time your team breaks: 20 Burpees Over Partner; 4th time your team breaks: 20 Situps; Repeat 1-4 as continue breaking.

Sunday Unloaded
In 30min, complete:
60 Wallballs
60 Hanging Leg Raise
60 Burpee over Wallball
60 KB Deadlifts
60 Pushups
60 DB Snatches
60 Situps
*Every 5min, Row 200m or Bike 400m, starting at 0:00

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