Wednesday 2/1/17

Strength Cycle – Week 4

Accumulate 40 Reps of Touch and Go Power Clean @ 75% 1RM
*Cap = 15min. This is *For Time* AND *Fewest Sets Possible*, so take intelligent rest breaks, but push yourself. If you take less than 5min, you probably went too light.

3 Rounds
L: 15; S: 21 Burpees Over Bar
L: 9; S: 15 HSPU
9 OHS – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
*This should take you in the area of 10-12min. Don’t spend more than 3 sets working thru the HSPU, and OHS should be finished in 2 sets. Scale accordingly!

Daily Reading
1. Elbows Up & Out: Is It Dead or Just Misunderstood?
2. Shoulder Strengthening Couplet for Rehab or Prehab
3. So, you want to jump higher? Here is how! (technique)
4. So You Have Given Birth… Now What?

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