Thursday 2/9/17

Strength Cycle – Week 5

Accumulate 30 Reps of Touch & Go Power Snatch @ 80% 1RM
*Cap = 15min. This is “For Time” AND “Fewest Sets Possible”, so take intelligent rest breaks, but push yourself. The work drops by 10 reps this week, but increases by 5%. Goal should be to faster than two weeks ago.

5 Power Snatch – 95/65
7 T2B
25 Double Unders
*Choose a weight that allows you to do T&G Power Snatches throughout. Reps are low so you should be able to just GO.

Unloaded @ 7:30p
40 Box Step Ups
40 T2B
40 2-DB Overhead Lunges
40 Inchworms w/ Pushup
40 2-DB Push Press
40 Barbell-on-Rig Pullups
40 Wallballs
40 Burpees
40 Situps
*Every 4min, Row 400m or Bike 800m

8 Rounds
30sec Sprint on Bike/Rower
30sec Rest

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